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Bellum is the working title for an upcoming strategy puzzle game from Inverse. It is the first game to be released by inverse and features the first look at the universe of Myr. Development began in July 2014 and is ongoing.


Bellum is set in the time period during which the nations of Myr first formed. The game revolves around the player creating and improving their nation, eventually forming a powerful country's capital city. The game will feature an endless mode where larger and larger threats will appear and attempt to destroy the player's city. The goal is to survive the onslaught of enemies and grow the city until the major enemies have all been destroyed.

A single-player campaign is planned that is to be separated by a number of sequences of 4-6 levels during which the player improves a city so that they can overcome the final level, learning new mechanics along the way. Once a sequence has been completed, the player chooses a direction to travel on the world map and the next sequence is unlocked in that area. Each player will choose their own direction, and depending on where they end up will form different nations which use a different style of buildings and have unique mancers.

Save Forwarding: Edit

Since Bellum is set in the time period of the genesis of the original nations of Myr, completing this game has an impact on future games by changing the history slightly. The nation that the player chose will have been the global superpower of the time, and the opposing nation will be the weaker of the nations. In some games, the sigil animal of the nation the player chose may be able to be found and interacted with.